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Coverages, limitations and exclusions

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Discover on this page all the details concerning the coverage, limitations and exclusions of our private life TPL insurance.

Who is covered by private life TPL insurance?

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Primary insureds

  • You, as a policyholder;
  • All the people you live with (spouse, children, family members, roommates…).
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Complementary insureds

  • People who are temporarily living in your home (vacations, family celebrations, special events);
  • Minors in the custody of a primary insured;
  • People who take care of your children (or the children you live with) and/or of your pets;
  • Your domestic staff when they work for you, for private purposes, i.e. not for your home-based business;
  • Your caregivers, if any, when acting for private purposes.

What risks are you insured against?

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Third-party liability

Flora provides cover to insured persons against the risk that one day they might have to face significant expenses, to compensate someone (a third party) they have wrongfully caused a material and/or bodily injury to.


Flora covers damages caused to third parties (neighbour, friend, teacher, grandparent…) by the insured children.

Exclusions and limitations:

Flora does not cover the liability of insured minors of 16 years of age or older who have intentionally caused damage to a third party. However, in this case, Flora will compensate the third party victim in its capacity as insurer of the parent who is civilly liable, i.e. you or another primary insured, but will then exercise recourse against the young person who did the damage. This means that the latter will have to reimburse Flora for all or part of the compensation. This recourse will however be limited to a maximum amount of € 10,000.00 per claim, this amount not being subject to indexation.


Flora covers the liability of the principal insureds in case of damage caused by pets (dog, cat, guinea pig, parrot…) they own or take care of.

By pet, we mean tame animals that you own and care for private purposes.


Flora does not cover:

  • damage caused by non-domestic animals (e.g. game);
  • damage caused by saddle horses.


Flora covers the liability of insureds who travel in case of damage caused to third parties, even on the way to work, when the insured is a:

  • pedestrian;
  • driver or passenger of a non-motorized vehicle (regular bicycle, skateboard, rollerblade…);
  • driver or passenger of an electric bicycle or a motorized vehicle (hover board, electric scooter, electric wheelchair for the disabled…) which is not subject to the obligation of a car civil liability insurance.


Flora does not cover damage caused by an insured who is the driver or passenger of a motor vehicle that is subject to compulsory car civil liability insurance. Note: the law relating to this obligation changes regularly and as ignorance of the law is no excuse, we invite you to carefully read the site https://mobilit.belgium.be/en when you buy a new vehicle.

Sports and leisure

Flora covers the liability of the primary insured for damages caused to third parties during sports or leisure activities (tennis, field hockey, acting, youth movements…).

Vacations and temporary stays

Flora covers the liability of the primary insured for damage caused to third parties when:

  • camping or caravanning;
  • on a temporary or occasional stay, for private or professional purposes, in a hotel or similar accommodation;
  • on a temporary hospital stay as patient.


Flora covers the liability of the insured in case of damage caused to third parties when they volunteer within a de facto association or a private or non-profit public legal entity (examples: voluntary work at the Red Cross, member of a neighbourhood committee, member of a youth movement, associative work, citizen-to-citizen service…).

Domestic staff and caregivers

Flora covers the liability of the person who takes care of the maintenance of your home and/ or its exterior as well as the liability of any caretakers when they cause damage to a third party (example: while cleaning your bedroom window, your household helper drops her bucket on your neighbour’s car) as they work for you, in a private capacity and not for your professional activities.

Land and buildings

Flora covers the liability of the primary insured for damage caused to third parties by:

  • buildings or parts of buildings, as well as their contents, occupied by the primary insureds either as their principal or secondary residence (example: your balcony collapses on the neighbour’s car);
  • buildings or parts of buildings not occupied by any of the primary insureds but owned by them;
  • student housing occupied by the primary insured for the duration of their studies;
    land owned by one of the principal insureds;
  • construction, renovation or maintenance work on the main or secondary residence of one of the primary insureds;
  • the use of elevators provided they have been technically serviced by an approved company
    within the last 12 months.


Flora does not cover:

  • material damage caused by fire, explosions or smoke following a fire which started in or spread from the building owned, rented or occupied by the insured, with the exception, however, of damage occurring during a temporary or occasional stay, on a private or professional basis of the insured, in a hotel or similar accommodation ;
  • damage caused by ruined buildings, if precautionary and safety measures were not taken to avoid damage.

Flora guarantee extensions

Designated driver guarantee

If a third party is unfit to drive their vehicle due to alcohol or drug intoxication and you are the designated driver to drive them home, Flora will cover the material damage to the vehicle you are driving in the event of an accident involving your liability.

This designated driver coverage is provided to all primary insureds.


Flora shall not grant compensation if:

  • at the time of the accident, the insured who was the designated driver:
    • does not hold a valid driver’s license, is under a license disqualification, or has violated specific restrictions shown on the driver’s license;
    • is in a state of alcoholic intoxication or under the influence of drugs, medications or hallucinogens that impaired their self-control;
  • is not responsible for the accident;
  • the vehicle driven by the insured is covered by material damage insurance;
  • the accident does not take place on the way to or from the residence of the third party whose vehicle the insured is driving.
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Rescue costs

As required by law, Flora will cover the rescue costs for:

  • prevent or mitigate the damage covered (example: if you notice that part of your balcony is falling down, you must take measures to prevent the rest from falling down as well and causing damage to a third party);
  • prevent the loss in case of imminent danger (example: you see that your television dish is about to fall).

Neighbourhood disturbances

Flora covers the primary insureds who would have to pay compensation to a third party to repair damage for which they would be held responsible as a result of abnormal neighbourhood disturbances

Voluntary assistance from a third party

Flora covers damages to third parties when they voluntarily provide assistance to an insured without being held responsible

Optional guarantees

Assurance dégâts causés à d'autres personnes et à leurs biens

Private life Legal protection

If you opted for the «Private life Legal protection» guarantee, it entitles you to:

  • advice and legal means necessary to defend your interests (formal notice, expert…) both amicably and within the framework of a judicial or extrajudicial procedure, knowing that Flora will always favour an amicable settlement;
  • the payment, under the limits, of legal and extra-judicial fees and expenses incurred for the settlement of the dispute (lawyers’ fees, bailiffs’ fees, etc.).


Flora does not cover:

  • criminal and/or civil convictions against an insured (e.g. speeding fines);
  • claims resulting from a fight in which the insured has participated;
  • appeals to an administrative court;
  • costs resulting from a collective action, joint or not, with at least 10 persons with the aim of stopping and/or getting a compensation for a common nuisance linked to the same non-accidental event caused by the person who caused it;
  • recourse against a third party in his capacity as designated driver if the third party damages your vehicle while driving it;
  • disputes relating to real rights (boundary, easement, joint ownership, etc.);
  • disputes relating to the subscription of financial products;
  • recourse against an unidentified third party.
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Personal damages incurred by the insured parties

If you opted for this guarantee and that we covered your liability to compensate a third party to whom an insured has caused damage, the «Personal damages incurred by the insured parties» guarantee will compensate the material damage or bodily injury the insured would have suffered for this same event.

Exclusions and limitations:

Flora does not cover:

  • purely cosmetic damage such as stains, scratches, scuffing, dents or mismatching;
  • damage to entrusted property (e.g. the scooter lent by a friend);
  • damages you would have suffered without you being liable towards third parties;
  • damage to real property;
  • material damage with an amount lower than the minimum threshold of intervention.

In what circumstances are you not insured?


predates damages


caused intentionally


radioactivity, nuclear energy or ionising rays




house in ruins or abandoned




aircraft, boats, caravans


property entrusted to you


car civil liability insurance


hunting civil liability insurance

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