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Coverages, limitations and exclusions

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Discover on this page all the details concerning the coverage, limitations and exclusions of our tenant home insurance.

Who is covered by tenant insurance?

Assurance toi et ton ménage logo

You and your family

You, as the policyholder, and the members of your household living under your roof.

Assurance personnel de maison logo

Your domestic staff

when they are working for you, in your home, for private purposes.

What risks are you insured against?

Assurance responsabilité logo

Liability insurance

We also cover any accidental damage that may be caused to neighbouring homes (third parties) in the event of a covered loss that originates in your home.

Assurance contenu logo


This insurance covers material damage to your possessions or those of your guests. It also covers your pets.

In which cases am I insured?

Assurance incendie logo


Damage caused by fire resulting from a blaze, combustion without flames, smoke or soot, or damage due to an explosion.

Assurance dégât des eaux logo

Water damage

Damage resulting from leakage, overflowing, infiltration or backflow of water and the damage caused by dry rot.

Exclusions and limitations:

  • damage to any of the elements composing the roof, including gutters and cornices;
  • damage caused by condensation, rising damp or flank diffusion;
  • damage resulting from leaking or overflowing water whose direct source is not a water system in your home;
  • the value of the leaked liquid;
  • damage due to a failure to maintain the heating or water systems in the building.
Assurance tempête et grêle logo

Windstorms and hail

Damage resulting of windstorms ? , hailstorms or the pressure or movement of a quantity of compact snow or ice.

Exclusions and limitations:

In the event of windstorms: damage to possessions located outside the home that are not securely fixed to the dwelling or anchored to the ground.

Assurance catastrophe naturelle logo

Natural disasters

Damage caused by natural disasters such as an earthquake, flood, subsidence or landslide, overflowing or backflow from public sewers.

Exclusions and limitations:

  • damage to possessions located outside the home that are not securely fixed to the dwelling or anchored to the ground;
  • damage to structures that can easily be moved or dismantled, those that are dilapidated or being demolished, and any contents they may have, if these structures do not constitute your main accommodation;
  • damage to transported possessions;
  • damage to possessions whose repair is organised by specific laws or international conventions;
  • limited to a maximum of €2,500.00 for damage to garden sheds or storage and their contents, as well as plants, fencing and hedges;
  • conditions of compensation in the event of natural disasters: we cover expenditure under the conditions set down in article 130 § 2 of the Insurance Act of 4 April 2014.
Assurance bris de vitrage logo

Broken glass

Damage caused by breakages or cracks in the following elements: windows, mirrors, sanitary fixtures, glass partitions, glass doors, cooking stoves, glass furnishings, aquaria, greenhouses, television screens and computers intended to remain in place in the rented home.

Exclusions and limitations:

  • scratches and chips;
  • broken screens on smartphones, tablets or laptop computers;
  • broken objects made of glass or plastic not in the form of a pane.


Damage following an electrical problem or lightning.

Heating oil

Damage resulting from overflowing or leaking heating oil from the heating system or the tank of the rented home or a neighbouring home.

Exclusions and limitations:

  • damage coming from a tank that is not connected to the heating system;
  • damage due to a failure to maintain the tank. You are obliged to maintain these installations and to make the necessary repairs and replacements or to inform the landlord if these repairs are the landlord’s responsibility;
  • costs associated with repairing or replacing the tank;
  • limited to a maximum of €10,000.00 for the costs of remediation of polluted soil, in accordance with the minimum standards of the legal provisions;
  • limited to a maximum of €1,000.00 for the value of the leaked heating oil.

Collective protests by workers

Damage resulting from collective protests by workers such as strikes, demonstrations or assemblies, or resulting from measures taken by the authorities to safeguard and protect property during these events.

Exclusions and limitations:

This coverage can be suspended by a ministerial decree. The suspension will begin seven days after notification of this decision.


Damage caused by any form of riots, popular uprisings or acts of terrorism or sabotage, as well as the damage resulting from measures taken by the authorities to safeguard and protect property during these events.

Exclusions and limitations:

This coverage can be suspended by a ministerial decree. The suspension will begin seven days after notification of this decision.

What supplementary cover does Flora offer?

Assurance dégâts causés à d'autres personnes et à leurs biens

Damage caused to other persons and their possessions

Damage caused to persons other than the landlord or yourself:

  • by your home contents (for example: your flowerpot falls onto the neighbours’ property and damages one of their possessions);
  • by part of the rented home or by the surrounding land and pavements (for example: someone is injured when they slip on a pavement that has not been cleared of snow).

Exclusions and limitations:

  • damage caused by any construction, demolition or conversion work;
  • damage caused by a shortcoming or defect known of before the rental began;
  • damage caused due to the use of equipment intended for professional use only;
  • damage to the home you rent, your possessions or possessions that have been entrusted to you;
  • damage caused to a third party with whom you have a contractual relationship.
Assurance petits aménagements logo

Damage following minor alterations

Accidental damage to your home or neighbouring homes due to minor, decorative alterations carried out by you or a member of your household.

Exclusions and limitations:

  • damage caused by any construction, demolition or conversion work;
  • damage caused by a shortcoming or defect known of before the lease contract was signed;
  • damage caused by the use of equipment intended for professional use only;
  • scratches, stains, dents;
  • cosmetic damage;
  • limited to coverage of the damage up to a maximum of €5,000.00.
Assurance dégât sinistre chez le voisin logo

Damage caused to your possessions following an incident at a neighbour’s home

Flora intervenes for damage caused to your possessions by:

  • relief efforts or any means of extinguishing, preservation or rescue;
  • demolition or destruction works ordered to stop the damage from progressing;
  • collapses resulting directly from the damage;
  • fermentation or spontaneous combustion followed by a fire or explosion.
Assurance indemnité rupture de bail logo

Costs of breaking the lease

We cover the costs of early termination of the lease for a maximum amount equivalent to three months’ rent. Specifically, if you are forced to break your lease contract before it ends, Flora will refund the amount you have to pay your landlord if the reason for breaking the lease is one of the following:

  • death of one of the two spouses before the age of 75;
  • divorce or end of a legal cohabitation contract;
  • dismissal from a permanent contract or bankruptcy of one of the two spouses.

Exclusions and limitations:

  • dismissal from a permanent contract for serious misconduct;
  • end of a work placement contract or temporary contract;
  • fraudulent bankruptcy or bankruptcy following closure measures imposed by the relevant authorities;
  • notification of the termination of the lease contract is given more than six months after the death, separation, divorce, dismissal or bankruptcy occurs.

Theft and vandalism

Assurance - Vol Vandalisme - logo

En option

If you have signed up for this option, Flora will intervene in the event of vandalism, theft or attempted theft.

Exclusions and limitations:

  • without burglary in the communal areas of a building, the garages and cellars located at the address of the rented property or another address;
  • without burglary instructures, whether are not they are ad joining, that have no direct access to the rented property;
  • committed by or with the complicity of one or more members of your household or one or more guests or sub-letters/occupants of the home;
  • of a motorised vehicle capable of travelling at more than 25 km/h or a trailer, and their fixed accessories;
  • in abandoned buildings;
  • of your possessions located outdoors;
  • of an animal.

In what circumstances are you not insured?


predates damages


caused intentionally


house in ruins or abandoned


radioactivity, nuclear energy or ionising rays


professional use






aircraft, boats, caravans


vehicles with an engine capacity of more than 50 cc


software, archives, plans, models and restoration of documents


materials intended for the embellishment of the rented property

Legal information and documents

The contract is concluded for a period of one year. Every year, this contract is automatically renewed on its expiry date for a subsequent period of one year, unless it is cancelled by one of the parties at least 3 months before the contract expiry date.

Before subscribing to Flora tenant insurance, carefully check what is and is not covered in the product information sheet and the general terms and conditions. Flora Insurance is a registered trademark of Ethias SA. Ethias SA, with licence no. 196, rue des Croisiers 24, 4000 Liège, is an insurance company licensed in Belgium and subject to Belgian law. RPM Liège VAT BE 0404.484.654 – IBAN: BE72 0910 0078 4416 BIC: GKCCBEBB.

If you have a complaint, you can e-mail us at complaint@flora.insure or write to Flora Insurance, rue de Mulhouse 36, 4020 Liège. If you are not satisfied with the proposed solution, you can contact the Insurance Ombudsman through the website www.ombudsman-insurance.be or by mail: info@ombudsman-insurance.be.

You can also file a complaint online on the ODR platform of the European Commission.

* Based on the comparison made on www.comparatif-assurance-habitation.be for a tenant’s liability and contents insurance policy for a 2-bedroom apartment with a rent of €750 and an insurance policy offering similar guarantees.

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