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You can forget the jargon of traditional insurers. At Flora, we speak the same language as you.
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Get your price in 10 seconds. Get your insurance in 2 minutes. Get your money back as soon as possible.
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Our offer is transparent, complete and without small print. You know why you are insured.
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The perfect insurance for expatriates 🇧🇪

With Flora, you can take out your insurance online in just 2 minutes.

✅ No papers to sign
✅ No need to travel
✅ No need to provide your lease
✅ No need to have a bank account in Belgium
✅ No need to have a Belgian telephone number
✅ No need to establish your main residence in Belgium

PS: 15% of our clients are expatriates!

What is included and what is not included in our tenant insurance

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Civil liability for tenants

Fire, water damage or glass breakage that causes damage to the property of your landlord or others? Relax, you’re covered.

It’s covered! It’s covered!
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Damage to contents

Have your furniture or appliances been damaged in a fire or flood? Don’t worry, we’ll reimburse you.

It’s covered! It’s covered!
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Theft and vandalism

Worried about burglaries? Don’t stress – you can insure yourself against theft… and damage to your home.

Optional! Optional!

Note that there are cases where you are not covered: damage caused intentionally, damage to your car, damage to equipment for professional use, damage caused by condensation or scratches and chipping that are not considered glass breakage. Keen to find out more?

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12,07 per month
(€157 per year)

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A clear offer
Online contract
Monthly subscription

The insurance for those who have other things to do 

You can say “goodbye” to the paper work! How does it work? Check out this video👇

Payment by card (Visa or MasterCard) or direct debit. One-year contract (this is the law in 🇧🇪) but can be terminated without charge at the end of your lease. Are you moving? Adapt your contract directly in the app 😉

Insurance as it should be

And what if something goes wrong? 🤔

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No deductible

We intervene from €250 of damage for covered claims.
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Declaration by chat

Open the chat in the app and explain to Flora what happened.
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24/7 emergency assistance

Need immediate assistance? We will call you within 5 minutes to help you.
We do our best to help you as soon as possible
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Flora is a brand from Ethias

You don’t know Ethias? Ethias is the number 3 insurer in Belgium.🥉

We are an autonomous team on a mission to change people’s perception of insurance.

The #TeamFlora therefore combines the experience and expertise of a large company with the flexibility and creativity of a startup. 🚀

Assurance expatrié français Belgique

The tenant insurance is mandatory in Belgium 🇧🇪

Have you found your accommodation in Belgium? Welcome to Belgium! ✌🏻

If you are moving to Wallonia or Flanders, rental insurance is a legal requirement. In Brussels, it is usually mentioned in the lease contract.

Don’t worry. You’re in the right place! We know that you have much better things to do than think about insurance: packing your boxes, saying goodbye to your loved ones, finding the best deals in the flat country… That’s why we at Flora have done everything we can to make your life easier.

Your tenant insurance in 2 minutes!

Get your price in 10 seconds. Receive your contract and proof of insurance in 2 minutes. It’s fast and without obligation.