The first family insurance that adapts to YOUR situation 😎

  • With ou without kids
  • With or without dogs
  • Alone or in cohousing
In addition to your home insurance 🔝

Starting from
€3.64 per month
(€43,68 per year)

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What’s included and what’s optional?

Third-party liability

Flora covers your liability, that of your household or your roommates in the event of material or bodily damage caused to a third party.

It’s covered! It’s covered!

Personal damages incurred by the insured parties

Exclusive: in the event of an incident with a third party for which you are responsible, Flora covers your own material or bodily damages.

Optional! Optional!

Private life legal protection

Flora advises you, defends your interests, and covers the costs associated with an amicable or legal procedure.

Optional! Optional!

Note that there are cases where you are not covered: damages intentionally caused by minors aged 16 or older; damages caused by an insured person while driving or riding in a motor vehicle (covered by auto liability insurance); damages caused by a fire, explosion, or smoke originating in a building of which you are the owner, tenant, or occupant; damages caused while under the influence of alcohol. Keen to find out more?

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Flora by Ethias family insurance is only available in addition to Flora tenant’s insurance or Flora roommate’s insurance.

100% digital family insurance, because the future is digital!

😱 Damage… OH NO, now what?

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Zero deductible

We reimburse you for any damage from €250 upwards for all the issues covered by your contract.
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Submit your claim by chat

Need to submit a claim? Open the Flora app, tell us all about it and you’ll receive your statement in your mailbox straight away!

Contract management

A change in your situation? Want to add an option? You can do it all in the app.
Got a problem? That’s what insurance is for! We’ll solve it – quickly and hassle-free 🚀

Why choose Flora insurance?

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