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Home insurance for renters

As a tenant, it is mandatory to take out a home insurance. At least in Wallonia and Flanders 🇧🇪

In Brussels, even if it is not officially mandatory, we strongly advise you to get insurance. You never know!

Moreover, Brussels landlords often ask their tenants to be insured. They even mention it in the lease contract.

Tenant insurance: what for?

Tenant insurance is designed to protect you from potential accidents, such as fire, flooding, glass breakage or damage to your home contents.

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My landlord is already insured. I don’t need one.

FALSE ! Your landlord’s insurance only covers the building when his or her own liability is involved.

Which means that, in case of a problem, if your belongings are damaged (furniture, personal objects, decoration, pets), you will not be covered.

If you are responsible for the damage, the landlord’s insurance will not intervene. Neither for the building nor for your belongings.

We strongly advise you take out your tenant insurance.

How to be correctly insured as a tenant in Belgium ?

You have to get a “Tenant’s civil liability”, also known as home insurance, tenant insurance or fire insurance 🤷‍♀️.

You can benefit from extended coverage with a “Damage to home contents” and “Theft and Vandalism” insurance.

That’s a lot of different insurances, isn’t it?

Luckily, Flora made it easy for you. We offer you an all-inclusive tenant insurance, including tenant’s civil liability and damage to home contents. Regarding theft and vandalism, we also cover it as an option.

Our package is ideal for every tenant who needs a good coverage.

What’s the best part ? Flora’s insurance has many advantages:

  • An 100% digital insurance 📱
  • A fast subscription ⏱
  • Highly competitive prices 😱
  • An easy claims reporting with the intelligent chatbot 💡

Assurance pour habitation

Our renter insurance is everywhere in Belgium 🇧🇪

That means we can insure you anywhere, and that’s cool 😎

Whether it is in Brussels, Wallonia (Walloon Brabant, Hainaut, Liège, Luxembourg, Namur) or Flanders (Antwerp, Vlaams-Brabant, West Flanders, East Flanders, Limbourg).

You want more info about Flora’s home insurance for tenants?

That’s easy ! Go to this page and discover our offer in details. If you have any question, our chat is available.

What a deal 😱

A tenant insurance from
€13,07 each month
(157 € per year)

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