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How to find a cheap renters insurance in Belgium ? 🇧🇪

Renter insurance, also called “tenant insurance”, is mandatory in certain regions of Belgium, such as Wallonia and Flanders. Every tenant residing in Belgium must have rental liability coverage.

Insurance prices can vary significantly between different companies. They largely depend on how the insurance premium is calculated.

Flora by Ethias is one of the cheapest renters’ insurance in Belgium.

Why? 🤔

  • Being a 100%-digital insurance provider allows us to lower costs by streamlining administrative processes and eliminating overhead expenses.
  • We use a method of calculation known as “tariff-based”, which enables us to offer affordable insurance premiums


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What a deal 😱

Starting from
€13.07 per month
(€157 per year)

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What’s included and what’s not?

Tenant’s civil liability

Fire, water damage or glass breakage that causes damage to the property of your landlord or others? Relax, you’re covered.

It’s covered! It’s covered!

Damage to home contents

Have your furniture or appliances been damaged in a fire or flood? Don’t worry, we’ll reimburse you.

It’s covered! It’s covered!

Theft and vandalism

Worried about burglaries? Don’t stress – you can insure yourself against theft… and damage to your home.

Optional! Optional!

Note that there are cases where you are not covered: damage caused intentionally, damage to your car, damage to equipment for professional use, damage caused by condensation or scratches and chipping that are not considered glass breakage. Keen to find out more?