Fire Insurance in Belgium

Fire insurance for renters in Belgium

As a renter, it is mandatory to take out a fire insurance in some regions of Belgium, namely Wallonia and Flanders 🇧🇪

In the capital city of Belgium, fire insurance is not compulsory, but we strongly recommend securing coverage. You can never predict what might happen!

Moreover, landlords in Brussels often ask their tenants to be insured. They even mention it in the lease contract.  It is therefore a contractual obligation. 

What does a fire insurance cover?

Fire insurance, also referred to as “renters insurance” or “home insurance“, covers your liability as a tenant in the event of fire, water damage, and glass breakage.

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Is a fire insurance necessary for expatriates?

As an expatriate living in Belgium, you will need to comply with the law by obtaining fire insurance. This also applies to foreign students.

It is important, as a tenant, that you acquire your own renters insurance. This way, you can ensure that you are covered in all situations.

How to take out insurance as a tenant in Belgium ?

Securing a “Tenant’s Civil Liability” insurance, which is also recognized as home insurance or fire insurance, is necessary.

This basic coverage is mandatory in Belgium and covers your liability in case of an incident 🔥

You have the option to enhance your coverage with “Damage to Home Contents” and “Theft and Vandalism” insurance.

It might seem complicated, doesn’t it?

The realm of insurance can occasionally be challenging, particularly when you’re from a foreign country. But don’t worry!

Flora by Ethias has made things easier for you.

Flora’s renter insurance includes tenant’s civil liability and coverage to protect your belongings. You can then select additional options of your preference, such as family insurance or theft and vandalism coverage.

Our mission: to offer you comprehensive and cost-effective fire insurance: 

  • An 100% digital insurance 📱
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  • Highly competitive prices 😱
  • An easy claims reporting with the intelligent chatbot 💡

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Our fire insurance is everywhere in Belgium 🇧🇪

This implies that we can provide insurance no matter where you are, which is pretty awesome 😎.

Whether you live in Brussels, in Wallonia or Flanders.

You’re looking for more info about Flora’s fire insurance for tenants?

No problem! Simply visit this page and explore our detailed offerings.

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