Co-tenant insurance for sport lovers? It’s finally here! 💪

The first tailor-made home insurance for co-tenants

Bye-bye, stress! Hello, care-free life! 😎
Assurance colocataires colocs

All co-tenants covered by a single policy

With Flora, all co-tenants are listed on the contract and the insurance certificate. That’s guaranteed to put a smile on the landlord’s face!

Tailor-made coverage

We have removed all the coverage included in a traditional tenant's fire insurance policy that makes no sense for a shared property. The result? A cheaper policy! Isn’t that great? 🥳

The Flora app to manage everything

Is a tenant leaving? Is another one moving in? Want to add an option to the contract? You can already do a lot of things with the Flora app, and soon you'll be able to do all of this too. 🔜

A single monthly subscription

At Flora, we’re all about simplicity! There is only one monthly subscription for the whole property and the payments are made automatically. All you have to do is share in Tricount. 😉

What’s included and what’s not?

Assurance responsabilité civile locative - logo

Civil liability of the co-tenants

Fire, water damage or glass breakage that has caused damage to the property of your landlord or others? Relax – as a co-tenant, you’re covered!

It’s covered! It’s covered!
Assurance dégât contenu - logo

Damage to the co-tenants’belongings

Have your furniture or belongings been damaged in a fire or flood? No stress, we’ve got you covered!

It’s covered! It’s covered!
Assurance - Vol Vandalisme - logo

Theft and vandalism

Worried about burglaries? Don’t stress – Flora’s co-tenant insurance policy covers the theft of your belongings and any damage to your home!

Optional! Optional!
Dommages entre colocataires

Damage caused by co-tenants to another co-tenant's property

Has a co-tenant caused damage to another co-tenant’s belongings? Or maybe there was a fight? Has a co-tenant caused an accident while driving someone else’s car on the way home from a party – as the designated driver? Phew… Flora to the rescue!

Optional! Optional!

Note that there are cases where you are not covered: damage caused intentionally, damage to your car, damage to equipment for professional use, damage caused by condensation or scratches and chipping that not considered glass breakage. Keen to find out more?

Great price/quality ratio 🔝

Starting from
€11.19 per month
(€135 per year)

Get a quote for co-tenant insurance
Clear and tailored to your needs
A monthly subscription
An online contract

100% digital co-tenant insurance, because the future is digital!

😱Damage… OH NO, now what?

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Zero deductible

A damage ? Your contrat includes a reimbursement from €250, according to what is covered in your insurance contract.
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Submit your claim by chat

A question ? A statement ? Open your app Flora, submit your claim and receive it in your mailbox
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24/7 emergency assistance

In need of urgent help ? We call you straight away
Got a problem? We’re on it fast ! That’s what insurance is for! 🚀

Why choose Flora insurance?

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Get insured in
2 minutes
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Looking for co-tenant insurance?

Legal information and documents

The contract is concluded for a period of one year. Every year, this contract is automatically renewed on its expiry date for a subsequent period of one year, unless it is cancelled by one of the parties at least 3 months before the contract expiry date.

Before subscribing to Flora tenant insurance, carefully check what is and is not covered in the product information sheet and the general terms and conditions. Flora Insurance is a registered trademark of Ethias SA. Ethias SA, with licence no. 196, rue des Croisiers 24, 4000 Liège, is an insurance company licensed in Belgium and subject to Belgian law. RPM Liège VAT BE 0404.484.654 – IBAN: BE72 0910 0078 4416 BIC: GKCCBEBB.

If you have a complaint, you can e-mail us at complaint@flora.insure or write to Flora Insurance, rue de Mulhouse 36, 4020 Liège. If you are not satisfied with the proposed solution, you can contact the Insurance Ombudsman through the website www.ombudsman.as or by mail: info@ombudsman.as.

You can also file a complaint online on the ODR platform of the European Commission.

** In Belgium, renters insurance is compulsory.🇧🇪

In Wallonia and Flanders, as a co-tenant, you are obliged to take out insurance. In Brussels, the landlord usually includes this as an obligation in the lease contract.

But what is it for? Well, in the event of an accident, if you cause damage to the accommodation, you are considered responsible. As a result, it’s up to you to pay the costs of repairing the damage. That’s where insurance comes in!