About flora

Because we have nothing to hide

Who are we?

Our goal: to start a revolution in the insurance sector.

There’s an app for almost everything these days, such as watching movies, making payments or ordering your favourite meals. We believe that taking out insurance or making a claim should be as simple as ordering a pizza using your smartphone.

Flora: what’s in it for you?

Taking out insurance might sound simple, but it’s often a long-winded process that requires a lot of research and numerous emails or phone calls. We wanted to put this right, and the result is Flora. With us, you can take out insurance or submit a claim in just a couple of clicks. And claims are usually paid within a week. All the necessary information is displayed transparently on our app, making it clear exactly what is insured and how. In short, no more paper or small print.

Our promise?

Insurance as it should be

Crystal clear

We really walk our talk: users genuinely take centre stage in our decisions. How do we do it? With the very best customer service. We want Flora to become digital consumers’ favourite insurance brand.

Tenant Insurance for Cohousers

Who is Flora for?

We use the latest technologies for our innovative services. Flora is aimed at people who, like us, want to be able to manage all aspects of their life any time, anywhere. As a result, we only communicate via our website or the app. You won’t even have to open your email inbox for us!

Why does Flora have ecosystems at heart?

With Flora, we wish to offer 100% digital and affordable insurance. In order to limit the structural costs, we do not use conventional ads. Instead, we work with brokers who put us in touch with people who need tenants’ insurance. This method allows us to guarantee a competitive price for our customers.

Who is behind Flora?

We are an independent start-up within the insurance company Ethias nv. We have built up a multidisciplinary team by combining the expertise and experience of a company like Ethias with the autonomy, creativity and flexibility of an entrepreneurial project.